matte painting/ urban scenery

I can`t believe I`m done half of summer semester ;o;
Anyway here is an evidence, midterm assignment....
ANM631 matte painting is pretty cool. Jeff is good at doing critic of both
Technical view and Artistic view.
And there are tons of functions in Photoshop which I would haven`t known forever
if I didn`t take this class. For example, the vanishing point filter!

1. The final step.

2. Lots of supplementary photos. It was suppose to use ref only we took.
Some are from an old hard disk and the others are from new photo shooting.

3. Proposal. A few classmates wanted to put a nice space shuttle and a floating castle but all were rejected; Hum..It`s so sad but we have final assignment yet.

4. Composition. I had to search all photos I have in disk hundred times.
Always there is not only one thing I have to use-3

5. Masking. Since matte painting requires Non-destructive technic,
all images should be edited with masking so that we can change the original always.
It takes forever especially trees.. bushes..

6. Color balance and light,shadow. Yeah~ finally! I usually leave this work like
strawberry on the cake :)