portrait painting/ 3rd assignment

1.making composition. I had to move the location of his hand to avoid making straight line with head.

2.big shape and deciding of entire color temperature. The biggest mistake of this painting... I should have made the face darker & cooler and backgraound color should be something else.

3.Since I was so confused about color, I covered nice texture on background ;_;

4.But the due allows no mercy. I tried to finish face modelling. ( My teacher describes this process ' labor' ...)

5.Time to work for hand. I left it like strawberry on cake. :P And next morning I realized it looked like rotten hand comes from hell.. all violet.

6. final. I must be obsessed by color temperature too much.. Some parts are unnatural but I worked on it pretty hard so I think it`s the time to go to next thing, female model portrait~